Other Projects

Welfare Activites for General Public

All the following welfare activities are open for all the sections of Society. There is no  discrimination on the  basis of Religion, Caste, Creed, Sex etc.

  • Medical Camps

    Medical Camps
    (a) Free Medical Check Up Camps: Trust Organise Free Medical Check-Up Camps where  Qualified Doctors     provide Services  and Consultancy. It includes checkups  related with bone density, Breast Cancer, Uterus       Cancer,Testing of Blood Sugar, B.P. etc.

    (b) Blood Donation Camps: Trust Organises Blood Donation Camps with  Help of Blood Bank of Local Medical       College from time to time so that  the Lives of Needy Person can be Saved.
  • Financial Help

    Financial Help
    Trust provides financial help to Students, Widows, Needy person & person needing special expensive treatment. During Financial Year 2013-14 Rs. 6 Lakh have ben allocated for this purpose. At present 34 persons are being benefitted under this seheme.
  • Awards to Meritorious Students

    Awards to Meritorious Students
    The Meritorious students of Agrawal Samaj of Udaipur district who obtained Very high rank in different Board | University | Entrance | Competitive Examination in the Academic Year 2013-2014 were awarded in the last week of June 2014. More Than 50 Students IAS | PHD | Medical | Professional degree | CA | CS etc, were awarded Each student was given a cash prize of Rs. 1100/- A Momentous a certificate and Uparna (See Photograph..)
  • Medical Facilites

    Medical Facilites
    (a) Homeopathic Medical Hospital: Free Consultancy and Medicines are given to the Patients visiting homeopathic      medical hospital being run in Shri Agrawal Sarvajanic Dharmashala, The qualified degree holders homeopathic       Doctors, Nurses & Technicians provide their services from Monday to Saturday from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm. Till date       more than 30,000 patients have been benefitted.

    (b) Physiotherapy Facilities: Qualified degree holders Physiotrapist provide free physiotherapy services to patients       from Monday to Saturday. Till date more than 20,000 patients have been benefitted.

  • Moksha Rath

    Moksha Rath
    Services for Transport of Dead Body is Provided free of Cost from The Residence of Dead Person to the "Moksha Dham". 10 to 12 person of deceased Family can also sit in this Moksha Rath. Transport of Dead Bodies other than Hindu Religion has also been done whenever needed.
  • Gas Based Funeral House (1st in Rajasthan)

    Funeral House
    Agrasen Sahayata Kosh Trust has installed and operating a Environmental Friendly Funeral method for Hindu Community in which LPG is used as fuel. It has following benefits:-

    (1) The Fuel used is LPG Gas instead of Fuel Wood. This is saving the fuel wood and indirectly helping conservation       of forests and trees.

    (2) The total fuel is saved as the funeral (burning) process is done in a closed kiln. In traditional method the wood is        burnt in open air and there is a lot of heat loss.

    (3) Saving of fuel Means of less CARBON FOOT PRINTS per funeral generated. Though the project is so small that Carbon Credits can not be       calculated and claimed.

    (4) The gases generated during this kind of burning of dead bodies are mainly Steam ( as body consists of 70 to 80 % water), Carbon di oxide and other       gases. No CO (Carbon Mono Oxide) is generated which is more harmful.

    (5) The gases are disposed off in the environment at a height of 80 Ft. (As our Chimney height is very high). This gives a positive impact on the ambient       air quality which is not possible in traditional method.

    (6) The generation of Ash is very less (app. 300 gms) while in traditional method it is app. 15 kg. It saves the water being polluted as people generally       wash dispose off this ash in running water.

    (7) It saves time. The whole process is completed in 30 – 45 minutes as compared to the traditional method which takes app. 3 hrs. It saves the man hours       of the people who attend the funeral rites as a customary.

    For booking contact :- Nandu: +91 7014113955

  • Temple

    Temple In Dharmshala  Campus there is a Separate wing  of Sh.Ram Temple which also has a Separate entrance. The beautiful idol’s of lord Rama, Sita, Laxman & Hanuman are installed in main Sanctum. The idols of Sai Baba and Durga Mata. are also there. The  Campus has a Sitting Capacity of more than  50 persons which can be utilized for religious meetings / function. Five religious functions are organized as a regular feature every year.
    These are:
    (1) Patotsav (2) Jal Julani Ekadashi (3) Ananakut (4) Sh. Krishna Janmasthami (5) Sh. Ram Navami

Future Projects

  • Old Age Home
  • Girls Hostel