Shri Agrasen Sahayata Kosh Trust

  • Aims & Objectives
    As  Per the Trust Deed the main objective of the trust is Social Service & Social welfare. In Order to attain this objective the Trust can start / undertake and execute different activities.

    The Main Objectives are:
    (a) To provide scholarship and other help to the needy students of society.
    (b) To provide financial help to the widows and financially weak persons, especially to women & to help the deceased / ill persons.
    (c) To construct / establish Dharmshalas, Hospitals, Maternity Homes, Nursing  Homes, Student Hostels, Old-Age Homes etc,  and manage them to run       successfully without any profit motive.
    (d) In order to educate the weaker sections of society trust can establish / construct schools, collages, library, reading room etc. and manage them to       run successfully without any profit motive.
    (e) To organize constructive activities for upliftment of the society.

The trust is registered in 'Devsthan Vibhag' of Govt. of Rajasthan.
Registration No.: Devsthan Vibhag : 05 / Udaipur / Dev / 99 dt. 24-9-99

The Income Tax Department has given the benefit of 809 to the persan donating in this Trust.
(Refes Income Tax Commissior Order No. A.A. / Udaipur / 2011-12 / 3188 dt. 25 / 10 / 11)


Management Committee

  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Joint Secretary
  • Dharmshala Secretary

Mr. Om Bansal

Mr. Kailash Chandra Agrawal

Mr. Nandlal Agrawal

Dr. R.K Garg

M. 098290-40849

M. 099299-17827

M. 094141-55046

M. 094141-64950